What is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling has brought new life into so many hearts and Bibles! Journaling, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, lettering, or coloring in the margins of your Bible is a growing movement. While I love God, I did not love reading my Bible. As a creative soul and kinesthetic/visual learner, Bible journaling clicked. After I  was introduced to Bible Journaling, I started focusing on the imagery in the Bible differently. Asking myself “what would this look like?” The time I spend faithfully creating is great for reflecting and praying, too. When I look at the pages of my Bible, I can SEE my relationship with God, it really is a powerful process.

Yes, you can do it! All you need is a desire to create and spend time with God! We all have different styles, talents, and experience levels. We are unique, just the way God intended. Use the styles and techniques that work for you, and experiment until you find it. Some bible journalers do beautiful hand lettering and calligraphy, lettering is not one of my skills or interests, so I mostly spend my time on imagery with watercolors and pens. Remember that God is your proud Father, and the he loves the art you made with him!

What do I need to get started: Most Bible journalers use a wide margin Bible or journaling Bible. Some journalers prefer to use a separate paper, normally in a sketchbook. I use the Crossway Single Column Journaling Bible ESV, which is offered in a variety of cover styles.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on art supplies to get started. My most frequently used supplies are micron pens, watercolors, washi tape, and a little scrapbook paper.