One of my first Bible Journaling entries was the book of Jonah. The whole book, but it is only three pages… I have always been fascinated with Jonah and his story.  It contains a powerful message; God is in control, and it is much easier to follow Him then make your own way. Being swallowed by a great fish may sound like a punishment. However, Jonah survives the stormy sea, because he is swallowed by a fish.Jonah Washi
This first page is a simple one, made with washi tape, and a gap is left to write a verse.         I called out to the Lord, out of my distress, and he answered me. -Jonah 2:2

Here are links if you are interested in the washi tape or cute whale paper clips.

HIART Washi Tape Fun in The Sun Traveling Collection (Set of 6)
Midori Paper Clips Whale

Jonah Waves and Whale

I used watercolors for the waves, and micron pens for the drawing of Jonah praying in the whale. It is so helpful to look at a reference photo or two while creating. My goal was to show God’s power with the waves. However, the second page is more calm, representing God’s peace and grace to both Jonah and the city of Nineveh.