Beautiful Feet

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.22.15 AM

Romans 11:15

I love this page, because those are my sweet baby boy’s feet! Those feet are so precious to me. It has been months since I made this page, and now those feet are starting to walk, I can’t believe it! This page took minutes to make, but it did take planning and help. While I thought about how to make this page I thought about baby Hunter, and prayed that his feet will stay beautiful throughout his whole life, that his feet would grow to full size while he preaches the good news! Normally, I enjoy making things that are complicated, but this simple page is personal to me, and really hits home.

I prepped the page first with gesso, and I should have done two coats instead of just one. I see spots where the gesso was not even and bleed a little. I had my husband help, to avoid the mess of a inky squirmy baby. However, my husband thought it would be fun to put baby foot prints on our toddler while I was trying to clean up, so my plan backfired! I used a Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad in Tumbled Glass, to stamp the feet. Yes, Hunter had blue feet for a day or two, but that didn’t bother me. I also had a stack of baby wipes at the ready, to clean those feet when we were done. I am not really a lettering type of person, but gave it a shot.

My top three favorite thing are God, my family, and creating. All three favorite things were combined while making this page, perhaps for the first time! Sometimes, the process of making something can be just as special as the finished product!